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The culture island of Stuttgart

... and how we try to make the world a little more colorful


who we are

  Welcome Room

What we do


The Kulturinsel-Stuttgart is a multicultural oasis in the Nackarpark Bad Cannstatt.


Our diverse site built on a former goods yard is a platform for those interested in art and culture, neighbors, people with a refugee background, gardeners and many more.

Since 2012 Kulturinsel is a unique place for art, culture, social projects,  meetings, and networking.

Kulturinsel has been since  March 2018 an official "Welcome Room" of the city of Stuttgart. As part of the integration package, the social welfare office supports selected institutions that offer a meeting place for people - regardless of their origin or if they came with or without a history of escape.

With free offers such as the artist café, the urban garden Inselgrün or the family Sunday in the Kulturinsel beer garden, we bring people together and create an intercultural meeting place for all backgrounds, generations, and incomes.

We offer space. We offer diversity. And above all, we also provide an open ear for stories, ideas and suggestions.


The Kulturinsel is a place of networking. Numerous artists, organizers, projects, initiatives and volunteers meet on our area and create a cultural oasis with a social focus.

Our door is open to everyone.


Du möchtest uns ehrenamtlich unterstützen? Wir freuen uns! :)




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