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Urban garden inSELGRÜN

Inselgrün is the urban garden for everyone. A meeting place for gardening and staying since 2012 , a green oasis in the middle of the Neckar Park in Bad Cannstatt.

Inselgrün is not just an urban garden.  With bed sponsorships by organizations and residents in the neighborhood, school campaigns or social days by Stuttgart companies, Inselgrün has continuously developed into a learning garden for young and old.


With signs on plant species as well as regular lectures or workshops, you can find out everything to do with botany and kitchen gardens.




As part of the "Garden Services" project, Inselgrün has been part of the Institute for Ecological Economic Research in Berlin since 2019  promoted.

Although urban greenery fulfills a variety of functions for urban society, it often plays a subordinate role in urban space management. The IÖW, therefore, sees existing urban gardens as "real laboratories", from whose research recommendations for action for more sustainable and greener area planning can be derived.


More information about the "Garden Services" project

Helper meeting

Do you feel like gardening but don't have a garden? Or would you like to exchange ideas with others and plant and harvest together?

The Inselgrün #HelferTreff is a community project for everyone who garden or just want to spend a day outside with loved ones. Whether in raised beds, discarded shopping carts or old shoes - be creative and create your own bed.  


Do you want to take part? send an Email to !


While working on Inselgrün, exciting individual projects are constantly developing. The current focus is on the development of vertical allotment gardens for space-saving cultivation and the installation of a photovoltaic system on our new pavillion in the inner courtyard.

More on that can be found under the News tab on the blog.

Inselgrün im Innenhof
Inselgrün im Innenhof
Inselgrün am alten Standort
Inselgrün im Innenhof
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