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How we make the world a little more colourful. 

The concept.

You can find the complete concept here



The Kulturinsel Stuttgart is a lively meeting place for art, culture and community. As an open, welcoming space in the city, we create space for encounters and integration - and want to make the world a little more colourful. 

OUr vision

In the context of social change, Kulturinsel is taking the position of an analogue and digital platform with inclusive access and diverse spatial concepts.
Our vision is to connect silos and establish new spaces for cooperation. 


Bad Cannstatt:
Our neighbourhood, our responsibility  

Bad Cannstatt, characterised by diversity and tradition, is our home. As a cultural island, we are not only an anchor for development, but also a potential employer in the neighbourhood. Our flexibility enables us to respond quickly to the needs of the community. With upcoming new plans and renovation work, we continue to change, but always remain a central point of contact for social and cultural matters. Welcome to Bad Cannstatt, where we promote participation and cohesion.

Our partnerships and projects

The Kulturinsel is an integral part of the Veielbrunnen neighbourhood and works closely with local organisations and institutions to implement joint projects. We promote exchange and organise events such as the vegan Christmas market and the tomato festival to strengthen the community and discuss important topics such as sustainability.

We are particularly proud of our community garden "Inselgrün", which serves as a meeting place for the neighbourhood and offers space for social contact and mutual support. Kulturinsel is committed to fostering a vibrant and engaged community and making a positive contribution to the development of our neighbourhood.


Our innovatoin potential

Kulturinsel is constantly evolving and plans to expand its programme to meet the needs of the neighbourhood. Planned developments include a food sharing restaurant, a community kitchen, an edible street, a sustainable beer garden and a neighbourhood workshop. These ideas will make the Kulturinsel a central location for culture, community and innovation.


Prizes & Awards 

In recent years, the Kulturinsel has been honoured with several prizes and awards for its dedicated work and contribution to Stuttgart's cultural landscape: 

  • Award in the Stuttgart Urban Beautification competition for the urban garden "Inselgrün"(2015, 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2023)

  • The "Innovative through research" award recognises the creative approach and research drive that goes into Kulturinsel's projects and contributes to sustainable solutions for the city.

  • 1st place in the "Creative Space Region Stuttgart 2022" competition

  • The Klima-Community Stuttgart e.V. honoured the efforts of Kulturinsel with a special prize as part of the #jetztklimachen prize 2023

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